Toler-Townsend Bios


Drums, percussion and attitude.

I took an interest in drumming at a young age, thanx to my Father who is also a drummer and huge influence. Taking lessons and playing all through school was a way of life. At 15 I began playing in clubs with some local bands, and had my first recording session at 16. After high school I teamed up with a friend from school and some guys I knew from some other bands and we hit the road. Mainly hitting the top 40 dance rooms in the northeast. Many yrs. and bands later I moved to Atlanta to give it a go. Since moving here in 98' I've been on 40 cd's. Always giving my best for the song, not for me. I believe in groove, soul and simplicity, but it's nice to throw something tasty in every once in a while. I've been very lucky to have played with some of my heroes and mentors, and make some beautiful friends along the way. I'm not going to list all these people and name drop, the pictures and memories are locked away for me. One thing I know is I will make music until the day I die. It's the only thing that cleanses the soul. .

Bass and vocals.

Jeff, affectionately known as "the Count" in Florida music circles, has been playing bass guitar for 40 years. Jeff has played with names like Billy Preston, Felix Cavaliere, Evelyn Champagne King, and has opened shows for Deep Purple and James Brown. Jeff also kicked bass for the Capricorn records band Captain Beyond. Coming from a musical family backround. His father Bobby Artabasy played drums in big bands in the 40s and 50s and 60s (Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Palmer,and Tommy Sheridan). We're stoked to have Jeff in Toler/Townsend Band.

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